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What exactly is pre-production?

Written by Hybrid Studio / 01-03-2022

Pre-production is a crucial stage where everything happens before you even start to shoot your film, animation, or anything else. Even decades go by before the cameras start rolling. In fact, it is where the whole magic happens! The production & post- production stage of a filmmaking cannot exist without the phase of pre-production. It enables you to stay organized before you dive into the actual production process. And it is important to note that poor pre-production may actually break your budget.Thereby, it is vital to see that your pre-production phase is entirely planned and taken step by step for proper execution.

What exactly is pre-production in Animation & Film?

The pre-production process in animation & film needs that extra attention because it is where the animation for your film gets into shape. This initial phase will allow you to face challenges involved in your animation filmmaking. This is a stage where you will be dealing with the script, storyboard, strategy, style, etc. When properly done, you can definitely achieve richer results.

What exactly is pre-production n 2D animation?

2D animation, often known to be traditional animation, works with vector graphics in order to create animated images through computer software. The pre-production schedule is a production stage that may involve the creation of characters, backgrounds in two-dimensional space, storyboards, dialogue recording, screenplay, color styling, track reading, etc.

Below, we have discussed about the 12 steps involved in the pre-production process of a film-making:

1. Brainstorming

Every film just starts with a spark; it is indeed a combination of a plethora of ideas. In this production stage of brainstorming, you can transform your idea into reality. Here is where you need to entirely harness your creative energy. Brainstorming is said to be a creative technique that enables you to create / discuss a lot of ideas in minutes.

2. Research (Primary & Secondary)

In this phase, you will ensure the accuracy of your video product. Primary research is when you collect information all by yourself and secondary research is when you research information collected by someone. If your research is perfect, there will not be questions later.

3. Proposal – Pitch (Synopsis)

In case, if your idea does not go through this stage then the same must be reviewed & revised. To prepare a proposal, you must create a treatment that will carry small information of what & how you are going to create and also create a synopsis that will outline what you are creating.

4. Budget

Film budgeting is one of the most vital aspects of the film making process. The budget involved in the pre-production stage is only an estimate and investors may expect the cost of production to match the final price. In this phase, it is required for you to prove that you can wisely handle the money as per the plan.

5. Production Schedule

In this stage, you will decide when and where you will start to shoot and also what equipment will be required. It helps in keeping order and tracking your production. So it helps you to keep away from going off the track so that you will be trusted by your funding partner.

6. Storyboarding

It is a very crucial stage of pre-production as you will bring out your ideas onto paper. A shoot with no storyboard may consume a large amount of time as there may be deliberation involved due to multiple ideas on set.

7. Shooting Schedule

A Shooting schedule denotes the exact time and duration of your shoot. It is always better to get these details at the earliest so that your entire crew will be able to make it at the right time for the shoot.

8. Contingency plan

It is nothing but your backup plan. It elaborates on what to do when things go wrong. It is necessary to create a contingency plan in detail even if it is not used. With no such plan, it may be difficult to reshoot as it may cost out of your budget.

9. Call Sheets

Call sheets enable the entire crew involved to know when & where they need to be for the shoot. So it is very important to fill these call sheets in an accurate manner as it goes to every single member.

10. Permits, Clearances, and Rights

This is one of the biggest areas in pre-production as it involves legal procedures such as acquiring permits, clearances, and rights for your movie. It is very important to know what rights you hold towards your movie before you release it to the world.

11. Scout locations

It is important to visit the location and scout them to see if they actually fit your shooting. You can position your cameras and take more pictures so that you will get an exact view of your footage.

12. Conduct regular pre-production meetings

Regular pre-production meetings will ensure that you are on the track and also check if the pre-production is going as per your planned schedule.


The above mention 12 steps will ensure that your pre-production is going at the right pace & direction. So yes, you’re all done and you can look forward to your movie production!


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