Infographed a wonderful journey of data in the digital platform

Injazat Data Systems is a market leader in the space of IT and Data Management services. It is fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi. Injazat has been serving a diverse range of customers and has developed a broad portfolio of capabilities in the most pressing technology challenges for over a decade. And we have been asked to create an infographic video mapping those achievements to celebrate the 10th year milestone. It was a humongous task of collecting and assimilating the achievements and choosing the benchmarks which are worthy to be infographed. Our team has committed their best bit by working 24/7 in the deadline centric project and delivered an output that exceeded client’s expectations. Thus adding another quill to our cap.

Services offered:

  • Look Development
  • B.G creation and modeling
  • Animation